Our services

Our PR agency specializes in providing services of public relations and advertising via both classic and digital media.


  • Media relations;
  • Crisis management communication;
  • Social media;
  • Events;
  • Advertising
  • Digital advertising
Our mission

Our mission is to provide counsel with regards to public relations and strategic communications services which facilitate our clients to convey their message to the public in an optimal fashion. That particular aspect of business is of crucial significance for building up reputation and forming attitudes in the world that is ever more complex.

Our mission is carried out by incorporating specialized knowledge gained from years of practice and the industry know-how, as well as understanding local markets using owner’s methodology and progressive creativity.

We are commited to building long-term cooperation and partnerships that increase value for, both, our clients and our citizens.

Our clients are leaders in their fields of expertise that initiate change and seek new solutions.

Our values

In communicating the message our clients wish to convey, we provide the best knowledge based on top experts’ practice and long tradition of our agency in the increasingly complex world relations.

Creativity is our top priority, for only creativity can single our clients out from all the mass communication of the messages, thus strongly positioning them in contrast to their competitors.

Building good relationship with our clients, associates, media, government institutions and ultimately the community. It is in this manner that we prove to be a reliable partner that, with outstanding demeanor builds the clients’ reputation as well as our own.

We communicate being mindful of and abiding by all of the ecological standards encouraging conscientious behaviour of our clients as well as ourselves.

Our key values are based on objective, creative and highly moral communication process throughout which we abide by the code of our profession and respect everyone who delivers our messages to the public. This is how we boost our clients’ reputation with the community they are addressing.


Satement Of Purpose

IN MEDIAS RES COMMUNICATIONS L.L.C. PR agency works with clients in a wide range of industries and global markets. As we are advocates for our clients, each engagement presents different opportunities and sometimes challenges. It is our belief that clients deserve impeccable representation, provided they are committed to fact-based, truthful and transparent communications.

We have an informed approach to managing our portfolio, business strategy, and client engagements in a manner consistent with our values and will continue so down this path. Additionally, we evaluate all potential client engagements with respect to potential ethical, commercial, reputable, and legal implications.

Our PR agency respects the diversity of our employees, our clients and the community within which we operate. Recognizing that not every practitioner is suitable to work on every account, and not every account is suitable for every trainee, our PR agency supports the right of an employee not to choose a job that does not conform to his or her personal beliefs. Our PR agency refuses to do business with entities that do business in a way that is not in line with our corporate values.

As a communications company, our job is to help clients tell their stories which, if done with integrity, will advance their interests. We are convinced that, independently kept, opposing views deserve to be heard in a court of public opinion and we reaffirm our role as strong advocates for our clients. This does not endorse every action taken by each client or implies implicit support for every position the client may take, but reflects our absolute commitment and support to their right to freedom of expression. We reserve the right to express views and take a stand as an institution that may differ from the opinions of some of our clients.

Ethics Code And The Code Of Conduct

Our Ethics Code and Business Conduct provide a unique understanding of what is expected of our employees and embodies our commitment to excellent advice and services to all stakeholders. The Code has been supplemented by our Day-to-Day Situation Guide, which addresses issues specific to our industry.

We are also committed to maintaining high ethical standards from outside by third parties in which we participate. As a result, we have developed a Code of Ethics for Suppliers and Service Providers to ensure that subcontractors, freelancers, suppliers and other third parties understand and agree to our expected standards in all matters relating to our PR agency.

We prioritize social and environmental returns and are committed to several fronts to improve sustainability on our planet, as described in our environmental policy. We are committed to sourcing goods and services from sustainable sources and working with partners who share our values and commitments to sustainable procurement. Through our Sustainable Procurement Policy, we ask our suppliers to meet these obligations and take part in the process of continuous improvement in the field of responsible and sustainable procurement.

We are committed to focusing on online behavior through “beautiful things.” We have a Digital Code of Conduct in place and it is updated every year as our online policies of conduct closely reflect the dramatic pace at which the changes have occurred and keep occurring in the digital world. Our guidelines are designed to reflect evolving norms of online behavior in the community, especially as it relates to the way corporations and agencies, acting on their behalf, communicate with each other.

  • Public relations 72% 72%
  • Advertising 15% 15%
  • Digital marketing 13% 13%

We were the first in the business, therefore, we are always a few steps ahead of the others!


Zagreb based „In Medias Res Communications“ L.L.C. was established in 2010. The agency is run by a team of experts that established the very first public relations agency in Croatia in 1992. In its long career of public relations services the team has advised many renowned international corporations thus having paved the way for understanding the need for public relations for Croatian companies as well. It was in 2010 that the Agency entered into a contract of joint membership with the longest running and the greatest PR agency in the world Daniel J. Edelman Croatia and Slovenia which, inherently, enabled signing new clients from around the world such as Hewlett-Packard and C&A. Afore mentioned also gave access to the brand new know-how in the industry.

As the agency’s name itself would suggest, a team of experts always goes for what is crucial, always aiming at the core essence of things with their clients – in medias res – thereby, it communicates their messages concisely, clearly and creatively. In addition, thanks to its many years of cooperation with editors and journalists of all Croatian and Slovenian media, the Agency has built a reputation and the relationship based on trust. All of the above contributes to the extraordinary building up of the reputation of its clients. The team, thanks to its transparent, positive and clear communication, has built mutual trust thus achieving absolute clarity of the messages it communicates to the media ensuring they always have the right substance and are among the first to be published. Since we have ample experience in the field, we have faced many challenges of the craft. This particular craft has only been recognized in Croatia since 2000, but nothing has prevented us from building a reputation worthy of our clients’ work and effort. In its work, thanks to its cooperation with Edelman, our team aknowledges customer’s approach that includes consistent standards, protocols and processes, thereby yielding the results of a full-scope action. We monitor customer’s development – particularly changes in strategy that could have an impact on communication programs.

Our greatest values are our consultants, OUR TEAM, who, in its ranks, has the best experts from all fields. Designers, photographers, songwriters, sociologists, psychologists, IT experts, designers, financiers, lawyers, but also, young colleagues who are at the beginning of their journey through the world of PR. Thanks to them, we are able to quickly respond to every problem, as well as any change in strategy.

Understanding needs, quick answers, good background in both countries (Croatia and Slovenia), superior strategic thinking, multi-award winning creativity, excellent performance, excellent financial budget management are just some of the qualities our team possesses.

Our experts Franc Kaučič and Astrid Mušura Kaučič have been awarded by the Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ) certifications that give them the status of certified public relations experts (CSOJ).


Why choose us?

We are a team of professionals and enthusiasts, who like what they do.


  • Over 30 years of accumulated experience;
  • Joint membership with the greatest PR agency in the world D.J. Edelman employing over 6000 PR experts;
  • We cover both Croatia and Slovenia;
  • We provide all-encompassing communication strategies, as well as one-stop-shop services;
  • Vast key media network, connections to thought-altering leaders and other influencers;
  • Thousands of successfully completed campaigns for over 90 world-renowned companies and corporations.
  • High rate of sustainable long-term cooperation which enables long-term relationship with our clients.

Meet our team

Our team of professionals have experience in marketing, sales and many other.

Franc Kaučič

Franc Kaučič


Christopher Jon Kaučič

Christopher Jon Kaučič


Astrid Mušura Kaučič

Astrid Mušura Kaučič

Senior Adviser

Ratko Mavar

Ratko Mavar


Edin Osmanagić

Edin Osmanagić

IT expert

Great PR agency. If you have ever wondered what a PR agency can do for you and your business, the answer is simple. The agency itself does not, but the Agency as In Medias Res Communications can very well do a lot. Professional approach, contacts with all relevant factors in the business and all accompanying media, always finding the most favorable options and ways to achieve your mutual goal. Yes, mutual, because your goal becomes “In Medias Res” agency’s goal as well, they become part of you. 24/7 availability with great communication skills, public relations advice and countless more. Measured conservatively – you certainly get a lot more than you paid. I strongly and unconditionally recommend this agency!
Hrvoje Lijić

Director, Peko Croatia

I have been collaborating with the PR agency In Medias Res Communications L.L.C. for almost 10 years throughout many successful marketing campaigns and various events.

Mr. Kaučič and his team successfully implemented even the most demanding campaigns and conducted them almost entirely independently. When organizing an event, in every segment of the organization you can carelessly indulge in these top experts and simply know that everything would go well and above all expectations.

To all companies that want to be more recognizable or position themselves differently in the market, I wholeheartedly recommend this hard-working, enthusiastic, creative and reliable team.

Nina Vrčić

Marketing Manager, Saint-Gobain Construction Products, Croatia L.L.C.

It is with pleasure that I remember my cooperation with Mr. Franc Kaučič and his PR agency In Medias Res Communications L.L.C. Throughout my career in the pharmaceutical company Jadran Galenski Laboratory J.S.C. (JGL d.d.) as a member of the Executive Board, Director of the Cosmetics Division and the Director of Corporate Branding, In Medias Res L.L.C. was picked as the company’s PR agency. They have provided the PR services from 2007 to 2015 – both for individual brands and for the umbrella brand JGL d.d.

During the long years of cooperation, Mr. Franc and his team were responsible for the extremely successful formulation and implementation of numerous PR activities and the establishment of a number of brands of the company on the Croatian market. I consider the re-branding project of JGL d.d. especially successful in which the Agency In Medias Res Communications L.L.C. played a very significant role.

Mr. Franc and his team are above all very professional, always part of the solution, encouraging, pragmatic and proactive. Our “briefing meetings” have always been imbued with creative and often positively provocative ideas, many of which were radically different from what could be noticed in the market. I remember our cooperation with the Society for Ecological Research PAKS, during which we introduced children to the values of the underwater habitats of the Adriatic through education, workshops and courses. The project involved more than 1,000 children, 500 primary schools, created and distributed more than 1,500 educational manuals, 1,500 educational DVDs “The sea is alive” and 500 digital games with Adriatic animals. Without G. Kaučić and his team, the national recognition and awareness of this socially responsible practice would not be possible.

Also, during the years of joint cooperation, the brand of JGL d.d. has been significantly transformed from a local small laboratory to a strong and recognizable multinational pharmaceutical company not only on the Croatian but also on the international market.

With full responsibility and conviction, I believe that the unconditional dedication, original approach and networking of Mr. Kaučič and his team are largely responsible for many successes over the years and certainly represent enormously crucial asset for any company that wants to build its visibility and has the ambition to boost growth.

Teo Rakočević, B.Sc. MBA, MBI

Executive Board Member, Cosmetics Division Director, Corporate Branding Director, JGL d.d.

Cooperation with the PR agency In Medias Res Communications can be described in a few words: Extremely professional team that delivers without exceptions. What is special and very important in the business environment is the relationship with the client, working with Franc has always been a pleasure and I am sure that it will persist indefinitely. In the marketing business, it is crucial to have suppliers / partners who add value and make management easier, In Media Res provides us with just that.

MBA Juraj Pogledić

Head of Brand Marketing, Adriatic Region , BSH